The Spanish Supreme Court will consider an appeal against a local decision in the city of Gijón to declare itself a “Space free of Israeli Apartheid.”

The appeal was lodged by the high-profile Spanish NGO, Action and Communication on the Middle East, (ACOM), which fights the discrimination and harassment of Jews and Israeli citizens in Spain and has previously successfully challenged discriminatory boycotts in the Spanish courts.

According to the ACOM statement, “the matter goes back to January 2016 when the plenary session of the City Council of the city of Gijón approved a motion that declared the city “Space free of Israeli Apartheid”, adhering to a boycott campaign and deciding to impose it both on Israel and on its companies, committing to introduce legal measures to prevent public hiring or agreements with companies “of Jewish citizens who are accused of violating International Law and the Declaration of Human Rights, and forces the city to cooperate with the BDS movement against Israel”.