Romanian Government to consider moving embassy to Jerusalem

Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Melescanu said  that the Ministry has completed the analytical report on the potential relocation of Romania’s Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and referred the document the Prime Minister.

The Romanian Government will next send it to the Presidency and the Speakers of the two Chambers of Parliament, Melescanu said.

“The assessment of the Embassy’s move to Jerusalem was sent to the Prime Minister and after the relevant observations are made – we’ll see if there are any – the Government will send it to the Presidency and to the heads of the two Chambers. How long it will take to make the decision does not depend on me, as far as we are concerned, we have finished our job, the Ministry has practically completed the analysis,” Melescanu said.

He said there are no bottlenecks, and that “this is a process in which everyone is involved,” but the issue is indeed very complicated. “As far as we are concerned, we have listed in our report both the elements of interest and the things that can have a negative effect, but the decision does not lie with us. The purpose of this analysis was to present to the political decision makers all the pros and cons for everybody to know and for Romania to have a current, coordinated position,” the Foreign Minister said.


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