Polish property restitution law ‘flawed, not fair’, says Chief Rabbi of Poland

Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich has described a law applying a statute of limitations to property restitution claims which was recently passed in the lower house of the Polish parliament as flawed and unfair.

Schudrich said efforts by the Polish government to protect current residents of confiscated properties might be understandable, but that the possibility of compensation for the original owners should be preserved.

Last Thursday, the lower house of the Polish parliament approved legislation that would apply a thirty year statue of limitations to claims on property confiscated from their original owners by the Polish Communist regime after the Second World War.

According to the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO), which has strongly advanced the cause of fair restitution or compensation for confiscated property in Poland, the new law would however make it impossible for a court to invalidate a confiscation if ten years have passed since that confiscation was carried out.

In addition, the new law would make it impossible to even begin proceedings in court to reclaim property if 30 years has passed since the property was confiscated.


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