Lodz residents took part in the Festival of Tranquility, held during Shavuot, which honoured the Jewish heritage of the city.

Pre-war Lodz was an important industrial city in which Germans, Jews, Poles and Russians lived side by side.

After the Nazis occupied Poland, they established a ghetto in Lodz and packed it with around 200,000 Jews. Lodz currently has a tiny, yet functioning Jewish community.

The Festival of Tranquility began with a special memorial service honouring the first Lodz Fire Brigade Chief Polish-Jewish Maurcy Gutentag. Lectures were given on the Shavuot holiday and Jewish history, and a tour of the Jewish sites of the city was held. Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Shudrich attended the festival.

The festival was created in cooperation with Shavei Israel, a Jewish outreach group that wishes to help Poles with Jewish heritage reconnect to the culture of their ancestors.