A hate speech case against Norwegian rapper Kaveh Kholardi, who last summer in a concert in Oslo cursed the “f*cking Jews,” has been dismissed by Oslo Police and the state attorney, Norwegian newspaper Dagen reported.

Kholardi was hired by the city of Oslo to sing at a family festival intended to celebrate diversity last June. Instead, after asking if there were any Jews in the audience, he said “fucking Jews,” adding “just kidding.”

Christine Thune, a spokeswoman for the Oslo municipality, told the Verdens Gang daily at the time that the organisers had complained to Kholardi. Anne Christine Kroepelin said the whole “point of the event was diversity and inclusion,” and that the rapper’s apparent expression of antisemitism was “exactly the opposite of what the organisers wanted to promote.”

Ervin Kohn, leader of the Jewish Community in Norway, demanded an apology from the rapper who answered on Facebook that he is “neither a racist nor antisemite,” and that the reference to Jews during the concert was taken out of context” and was only a joke.

But on June 10, five days before the concert, Kholardi wrote on Twitter: “fucking Jews are so corrupt.”

The state attorney dismissed the case now, saying the “remarks were demeaning, untruthful and offensive, but they are not breaching the law.”

Kohn, who filed the complaint, told Dagen that he was disappointed by the dismissal and that he would appeal the decision.
Source: Jerusalem Post