Italian mural depicting Anne Frank vandalised with the words ‘Free Gaza’

An Italian mural depicting a teary-eyed Anne Frank holding an Israeli flag was vandalized to edit out the Holocaust victim and paint over her with the words “Gaza Free.”

The street art in Milan’s Piazza Castello was put up by contemporary artist AleXsandro Polombo to mark one month since Hamas launched its surprise attack on Israeli civilians.

It depicted the icon of the Holocaust standing next to a girl in a traditional keffiyeh burning the flag of the terrorist organization.

The work was part of Polombo’s “Innocence, Hate and Hope” project, which Israeli art historian Batya Brutin called an “important message of warning to the world.”

Another mural included in the project portrayed the well-known Warsaw Ghetto Boy with his hands raised, being taken hostage by Hamas terrorists.

That mural was also vandalized — with the boy removed from the image so that it only showed the terrorist soldier and a child soldier of Gaza.

Polombo has since spoken out about his work being defaced.

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini replied that it was a “shame” the murals were defaced.


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