Israeli tourist victim of antisemitic assault in Italy

An Israeli tourist was the victim of an antisemitic assault while vacationing in Italy.

Elad Forgash was shopping in the Italian city of Pisa on August 31 when he entered a store to purchase some scultpures as souvenirs from his trip.

“I started talking to the salesman while he wrapped up the sculptures. He told me he was from Bangladesh and asked where I was from, and I replied ‘Israel.’ He told me he hated Israel and the Jews because they are killers. I didn’t get worked up about it. I just returned the bag with the sculptures and said I would rather not buy from him.

“When I turned around, he hit me in the head with the sculptures. Luckily, there were tourists who filmed him and he ran away, and the police and an ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital.”

Elad said he suffered a fracture in his eye socket and his nose and would need to have surgery when he returned to Israel.

Police in Pisa are investigating the circumstances of the incident.


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