Local councillors make fascist salute on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Three right-wing opposition councilors in the town of Cogoleto near Genoa repeatedly made ‘Roman’ fascist salutes during a session on Holocaust Remembrance Day, according to the town’s mayor, Paolo Bruzzone.

The “serious” act, a “gesture belonging to fascist symbolism,” was committed “repeatedly,” Bruzzone, wrote on his Facebook page, saying that he was “convinced that what happened yesterday cannot and should not go unnoticed.”

The episode was condemned as “intolerable” by Giovanni Toti, the centre-right governor of the Liguria region. Toti said the salutes were a “crime” and “offended the victims of the Holocaust.”

The three town councilors in question have been identified as Francesco Biamonti (Lega), Valeria Amadei (Fratelli d’Italia) and Mauro Siri (independent).

All three, when contacted by reporters, denied the suggestion that they were making fascist salutes, describing it as a “witch hunt” and claiming they were merely “raising their hands to vote”.


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