Irish university cancels event involving Israeli ambassador copy

An event at Trinity College Dublin involving the Israeli ambassador Ze’ev Boker has been cancelled following a protest.

Boker was due to speak at a talk organised by the Society for International Affairs (Sofia).

The event was disrupted by a group of about 40 protesters from Students for Justice in Palestine (TCD), who demonstrated and chanted slogans outside the arts block venue where the event was due to take place.

Sofia chair Grace Conway said she was “deeply saddened” that it had to be cancelled.

She told The University Times: “We feel that it was a misunderstanding of what we were trying to do as a society, which was to provide a platform for discourse and we don’t discriminate against any ambassador, we invite all ambassadors and treat them with respect and decorum as diplomats. We don’t discriminate against countries whether or not we support their political beliefs.”

Students for Justice in Palestine (TCD) founding member Ciaran O’Rourke said they conducted a peaceful protest outside the venue. He justified the protest on the basis that Palestinian civic society groups have been calling for the boycott of Israel since 2004.

“We feel that until the human rights in civil society groups are respected, then we should show that solidarity to them (the Palestinians) as was the case with anti-apartheid movements, as was the case with movements around the civil rights era where boycotts were also used as a tactic.

A spokesperson for Irish4Israel described the protest as “hysterical behaviour from certain segments of students”.

The spokesperson also asked why police who were there had not intervened to ensure the event went ahead. He said eyewitnesses reported the protesters blocked the door of the room where the event was supposed to take place.

“Every time this happens we end up getting more supporters for Israel,” he said. “People end up getting so frustrated, they actually start to investigate more. Had they let him speak, they could have asked him difficult questions.”

The protesters were also accused of hypocrisy for condemning Israel while allowing the Turkish ambassador to come and address the society last week despite the country’s human rights abuses against the Kurdish population.


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