Chair of the Irish Jewish Community condemns politicians for their silence regarding the Hamas massacre

The chair of the Irish Jewish Community has said it is “disgusting” that not all Irish politicians have condemned the Hamas attacks on Israelis.

Maurice Cohen said Jewish people in Ireland are “traumatised” following the attacks by Hamas last Saturday, many of whom have family and friends in Israel.

Mr Cohen said he can only hope that western governments realise “who they are dealing with” adding that different solutions must be examined to get back on a track of peace and reconciliation.

“I think it is appalling to the Jewish community in Ireland the way that some of our politicians refuse to recognise the situation and are basically backing Hamas terrorists,” he said.

“In the Oireachtas or the Dáil, some people just don’t get it,” he said.

Although saying the bulk of Irish politicians have condemned the Hamas attacks, he said it is “disgusting” that not all have.

Mr Cohen said it is impossible and too complex to know how the ongoing conflict will play out.

“Neither the Jews nor the Israelis have anything whatsoever against the Palestinian people. Their war is with the terrorists and consequently, peace can’t move forward while the leadership of the Palestinians is a terrorist organization and that’s something that Europe and America have to cope with,” he said.

Mr Cohen said Jewish communities outside of Israel, including those in Ireland, are concerned about their own safety, describing it as a “dreadful situation”.


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