The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released a report on antisemitism in Greece.

Despite the presence of a relatively small community of about 5,000 Jews, antiaemitism remains an ongoing concern in Greek society. A large percentage of Greeks harbor antisemitic attitudes and stereotypes, according to a series of recent opinion polls. Antisemitic incidents, though few in number, are reported throughout the country.

Fortunately, antisemitism in Greece does not have a violent character and there have been no reported physical attacks in recent years. Its manifestations include vandalism — usually dozens of incidents each year — as well as hate speech, Holocaust trivialization and conspiracy theories in the mainstream press, on social media and on the internet.

This report provides a comprehensive look at contemporary antisemitism in Greece, including government efforts to address antisemitism, examples of typical antisemitic incidents, and additional survey data from non-ADL sources on antisemitic attitudes.