Felix Klein: “AfDs motion to ban religious slaughter in Germany is a fundamental attack on Jewish life”

German government’s antisemitism commissioner, Felix Klein has criticized AfD ‘s intention to ban religious slaughter in Germany.

 “The motion by the AfD parliamentary group to ban religious slaughter in Germany is a fundamental attack on Jewish life in Germany” said Klein.

“If Jews are to be restricted in their religious practice, this constitutes an encroachment on religious freedom. The last time that Schächten was banned in Germany was by National Socialist legislation in April 1933.”

The Jewish dietary laws, to which kosher meat is an inseparable part, are not just a religious commandment, but part of Jewish identity, Klein added.

They would also have helped to secure the self-image of Judaism, especially in the diaspora. The already planned application of the strict slaughter methods represents an appropriate balance between religious freedom and animal welfare and corresponds to the high EU standards.

The antisemitism officer emphasized: “The AfD application also discriminates against Muslims in Germany.”


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