Central Council of Jews in Germany: Coronavirus is a catalyst for antisemitism

The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dr. Josef Schuster, has expressed concerns about “unspeakable” remarks by demonstrators against coronavirus measures in the country.

“The coronavirus clearly serves as a catalyst for conspiracy myths and for antisemitism,” said Schuster. Whoever takes part in such a demonstration has to have look at the people with whom they are joining forces and take responsibility.

Schuster described comparisons of the current situation to the one faced by Jews during the Nazi era as unspeakable. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, no citizen has experienced even the slightest persecution that Jews experienced from 1933 until they were finally exterminated.

He also expressed concerns about the proliferation of conspiracy regarding the pandemic. “It reminds me of the Middle Ages, when Jews were to blamed for the outbreak of the plague. That was when the pogroms began,” said Schuster.

Whenever people cannot fathom an ongoing threat, they turn angrily against minorities. “The Jews have always been scapegoated and victimised,” he concluded.


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