German security officials said that the number of antisemitic and anti-foreigner incidents rose in the country, despite an overall fall in politically motivated crimes.

Antisemitic incidents rose by 19.6 percent to 1,799 in 2018, with 89.1% of them involving far-right perpetrators.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas commented on the figures, nothing at a conference inaugurating a European network to combat antisemitism that hatred of Jews in Germany was “not an imported product”.

However, Maas said that in the fight against antisemitism, crimes by immigrants should also be looked at “just as decisively.”

The report did not give exact numbers for attacks committed by radical Islamists, only saying the government recorded a decline in 2018. It said a possible reason cited by the Interior Ministry was the ISIS terror group losing significant ground in Syria and Iraq.

Anti-Muslims crimes were down from 1,075 in 2017 to 910 in 2018, while anti-Christian attack were down from 129 to 121.

In all, xenophobic incidents rose 19.7% to 7,701 amid an overall uptick in hate crimes to 8,113, from 7,913.