On March 19th, 2012, an Islamic terrorist targeted a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse. Four people were killed, three of them children. Now, seven years later, two alleys in a square in the centre of Paris were named after the three children.

The children killed were 8-year-old Myriam Monsonego, and brothers Arie and Gabriel Sandler, 6 and 3. The fourth victim was their father, a teacher at the school, Rabbi Jonathan Sandler.

The street-naming ceremony and was attended by the mayor of the city Anne Hidalgo, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and French Member of Parliament Meyer Habib.

“Today we were supposed to celebrate the Bar-Mitzvah of Arie, of blessed memory,” said Habib. “Instead, we are here to inaugurate a street in his memory.

“The life of Jews in France has changed since the attack in Toulouse,” he continued. “Back then, we were about to experience the worst wave of terror attacks ever known to France, and Jews, as in many cases throughout history, have always been on the front line. At that time, I warned that I was afraid that what happened was only the beginning of a long series of events. Unfortunately, history proved me right.”

The street signs, one for Myriam, one for the siblings, display their names, ages and the circumstances of their death, calling them “victims of antisemitic terrorism and hatred.”

Thee city of Toulouse is also considering undertaking a similar initiative and the municipal council will deliberate next month.