Antisemitic incidents in France rose by 74 per cent in 2018, according to figures announced by the country’s Interior Minister.

In a statement, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (Crif), the country’s EJC affiliate, stressed that these statistics do not include acts that did not result in a complaint, or antisemitic publications on Internet. Therefore, these statistics only reflect the reality of the everyday antisemitism faced by French Jews very partially.

Moreover, Crif expressed concerns about the violence of antisemitism on social networks, which contributes to the rooting of antisemitism and conspiracy in the minds of younger generations.

In response, Crif President Francis Kalifat called for a ‘national surge against antisemitism’. “Beyond being a threat to Jews, antisemitism is a signal of the democratic weakening of France,” Mr. Kalifat added, “on the eve of the anniversary of the assassination of Ilan Halimi, Crif hopes for a much needed surge from French society to break up the wall of indifference that surrounds antisemitism.”

The Ministry’s announcement detailed 541 antisemitic incidents last year compared 311 in 2017.