Antisemitic mural in Avignon to be removed

An antisemitic mural in Avignon representing French-Jewish economist Jacques Attali and President Emmanuel Macron will be covered up, following public outcry.

The murak depicts the President of the Republic manipulated like a puppet by the economist and political adviser.

The mural reminds some of the drawings of the 1930s where the Jews were represented in this way and accused of manipulating the world.

Jacques Attali being from a Jewish family, the parallel between this work and those of the beginning of the 20th century, was quickly drawn.

Painted on a water management building, the fresco has been pointed out as antisemitic by Jewish associations, demanding it to be removed.

Initially, the city did not want to remove the controversial fresco: “Everyone can interpret the image as they want since there are no words on this wall”, they said.

After numerous requests from Jewish associations, the mural will be covered.


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