74-year-old Jewish woman violently assaulted in 19th district of Paris

An elderly Jewish woman was violently assaulted at her home in the 19th district of Paris last month by two teenagers, the National Bureau of Vigilance against Antisemitism (BNVCA) revealed.

The antisemitism watchdog in France said it considered the attack – which occurred on December 13- to be anitsemitic in nature. According to the BNVCA,  the victim had been identified as Jewish by the fact that a mezuzah had been affixed to the doorpost of her home.

Apartments inhabited by Jewish families are being targeted by the presence of mezuzot, “in the same manner that Jews are being identified for wearing a kippah,” read the BNVCA’s statement

The 74-year-old victim, only identified as “Ms. L.U”, reported that the two assailants rang the doorbell of the apartment, posing as the guards of the building. They then forced their entry, punched the woman, tied her up, sat down on the sofa of her living room and ordered her to ‘indicate where her jewels were.’

One of the aggressors, who remained with her in the living room, continued to strike her while the other searched the apartment. The ordeal lasted nearly half an hour and the assailants stole all of the victims’ jewels.

The woman sustained wounds and bruises in the face leg, and remains in shock.  She had been living in this building for 30 years and would like to leave it, especially since the previous week a similar antisemitic attack occurred in the apartment of a Jewish family, in a neighboring street.

The BNVCA has asked the police to do everything possible to identify the two assailants and to ensure the safety of residents of a neighborhood that has become “dangerous and ill-famed.”


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