Belgian Jewish organisations have expressed anger and disbelief at a carnival float “Sabbatjoor 2019” during the annual parade in the Belgian city of Aalst, which portrayed Jews with crooked noses and bags of money.

The Coordinating Committee of Belgian Jewish Organisations in Belgium (CCOJB), the country’s EJC affiliate, and the Forum of Jewish Organisations (FJO) have filed a complaint with the Belgian federal anti-racism watchdog Unia and the relevant authorities.

“At best, this shows a reprehensible lack of judgment, especially given the context of rising  antisemitism in our country and in the world, at worst this is a reproduction of the worst antisemitic caricatures of the Nazi era”, the organisations declared in a joint statement, “the FJO and the CCOJB will take joint steps to contact the organisers and the relevant authorities in order to achieve concrete steps [to prevent such actions from occurring] in the future.”