Belgian Jews call on Belgium not to participate in Durban IV

Most major Western countries refuse to participate in a UN conference that has served as an echo chamber for antisemitism. What will Belgium do this year?

The UN General Assembly has called for a new world conference against racism on 22 September, commonly known as Durban IV. This follow-up conference marks the 20th anniversary of the infamous Durban I conference, which was the venue for all the anti-Semitic excesses, under the guise of a conference against racism.

Since then, a concrete tool to denounce global antisemitism has been available to the countries of the world, namely the refusal to participate in the Durban follow-up conferences, which proved to be not only useless, but harmful and fundamentally antisemitic.

Unfortunately, Belgium has not yet done so.

We are well aware that our previous calls on this matter have not been welcomed by our government, but we want to believe that today it will be heard, especially in the light of the latest developments in antisemitism in our country.

Yohan Benizri, President of the Comité de Coordination des Organisations Juives de Belgique (CCOJB) – EJC’s affiliate in the country, said: “We know and respect Belgium’s strong multilateralist position and diplomatic commitments. It is not a question of questioning them, but of realising that the insistence on participating in this charade is untenable. To err is human, of course, but to persevere in error is diabolical.

The honour of our country is at stake, its credibility in the fight against antisemitism having been largely eroded in recent years, including very recently.”

This year again, many European countries, including our closest neighbours France, the Netherlands, and Germany, but also the United States and Canada among others, were not mistaken.

The Elysée Palace has clearly communicated on the subject:

“Concerned by the history of anti-Semitic statements made at the UN conference on racism, the President of the Republic has decided that France will not participate in the follow-up conference to be held this year.”

These allied and friendly countries refuse to join this conference. What about our country?

Today, the CCOJB sent a request to our Minister of Foreign Affairs that Belgium should not participate in this conference.


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