Belgian Green leader accused of inciting antisemitism

Rajae Maouane, a Belgian MP who serves as co-President of the French-speaking Ecolo (Green) party has been accused of inciting antisemitism after sharing a problematic picture on Instagram.

The Belgian League Against Antisemitism (LBCA) denounced a photo shared by Maouane on Instagram showing  a Palestinian fighter twirling a slingshot, accompanied by a song by Lebanese singer Julia Boutros, who is reputed to be close to Hezbollah, and who incites the Arab people to armed struggle against the “sons of Zion.’’

According to LBCA, the Greens are inciting “antisemitic hatred”. “This incitement to action endorsed by the co-president of Ecolo is the culmination of an antisemitic shift that has been observed for several years in the leadership of the Green party,” the League said in a statement, pointing in particular to the election in 2019 of a member of parliament who is the instigator in Belgium of BDS movement.

The League called on the party to exclude Maouane from its ranks and called on the democratic parties to “strongly condemn these extremely dangerous and potentially criminal excesses of a party that is a member of the government coalition”.

The woman contested the accusation, which she said ran counter to her political and associative commitment.  “I regret that a fight as essential and topical as that against antisemitism can be used to disqualify and smear those who call for justice and international law to put an end to this conflict that has lasted too long,” Maouane stated.


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