Belgian actor blasts “criminal procreation policies of the Jews in Israel”

A well-known theatre actor from Belgium told one of his country’s best-read weeklies that he is infuriated by the “procreation policies of the Jews in Israel.”

Wannes Cappelle, 37, made his remarks in an interview published on December 25 in De Zondag.

“Those procreation policies of the Jews in Israel, to name one example, are simply a crime. It infuriates me,” Cappelle was quoted as saying in response to a question on whether he can “understand fear of the other” following what the interviewer defined as “A Trump, a Brexit, the acceptance of the far right in Europe.”

Before mentioning Israel, Wannes, who also is an award-winning musician, said “I find it difficult. Opposite [Donald Trump] you also have Bernie Sanders, which inspires hope. I try my best to be hopeful. Most of all I worry over overpopulation. The human race is too stupid to keep it under control.”

According to a 2014 study by the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, the Jewish state has “one of the highest birthrates in the developed world, with an average of three children per woman compared to an average of 1.7 children in the OECD,” the 35-member Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.


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