The Menorah Jewish community in the Belarussian city of Hrodno has remembered the city’s Holocaust victims in a march through its streets.

The event was attended by about a hundred people – mostly residents of Hrodno and representatives of the community. They were joined by Minsk Rabbi Grigory Abramovich, as well as Orthodox clergy and the Lutheran community.

Initially, participants had planned to march through the entire old city: from Bahdanovicha Street where the Jewish cultural centre is located, to the great synagogue in the Trayetskaya. However, due to the snow and cold weather, the march was reduced: they walked from the symbolic entrance to the ghetto to the Castle Synagogue.

The Hrodno ghetto existed from November 1941 until May 1943, when the city was declared ‘Judenfrei’ or free of Jews. In total, 42,000 Jews passed through the ghetto, of whom about 20,000 were killed.

Before the war, about half of the city’s population was Jewish.