The European Jewish Congress’ Security and Crisis Centre (SACC) is releasing a series of ten videos called the Security Awareness Program (#TogetherWeAreSafer) that aims to educate and prepare the general public about emerging threats and how to deal with crises.

SACC is a Brussels-based highly qualified team of crisis management experts providing assistance and support during crisis events, like a terror attack or a natural disaster.

Originally designed to ensure the safety of European Jewish communities, it now consults with governments, emergency response teams and intelligence agencies across the continent, assisting Europeans regardless of nationality or religion, and have become leading experts in this field.

“Our world has become increasingly complex, blessed with ever-growing possibilities but also ridden with newly emerging threats,” said Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC. “Over the last five years, terror attacks have been aimed at public places and at all people.”

“While the authorities are working hard to reduce the risks, the key factor to improving our security remains educating the public – raising the awareness of civilians and helping them adopt adequate behavior in regards to possible dangers. By being aware and prepared, we can minimize and even prevent damages in the case of a terror attack.”

The Security Awareness Program offers simple and thorough education on preparing people of all ages anywhere in the world for emergencies and crises. It includes ten instruction videos, each about one minute in length, the first of which will be published on the SACC and EJC social media starting on the 6th of September. From then on an additional video will be published every three weeks.

Some of the videos include how to spot suspicious behavior or a suspicious object, how to deal with a car ramming or prevent a kidnapping. Other videos educate about how to protect your data online and how to spot fake identities on social media platforms, how to give CPR and how to identify radicalization.

“In regions that have witnessed acts of terrorism, it is clear that education and security awareness saves lives,” Ophir Revach, SACC CEO and a security expert, said. “There is a direct correlation between a civilian’s responsiveness and understanding of crisis situations and the ability to minimize the number of casualties during an event.”

“It is vital that vast experience and expertise of security and crisis experts are now available for the benefit of everyone.”

Click below to watch the first video of the series: