(Brussels, Thursday, 14th December 2017) – The European Jewish Congress welcomed the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven to its office in Brussels today ahead of the EU summit.

During the meeting with Prime Minister Löfven, Raya Kalenova, Executive Vice-President of the EJC, welcomed the Swedish government’s quick and decisive response to the recent wave of antisemitic attacks in Sweden, and in particular, noted the Prime Minister’s unconditional denunciation of the attacks and statement in support of the Jewish community.

“While some are trying to blame the US administration or the Israeli government for these attacks on Europe’s Jewish communities, this should be absolutely rejected. Victim blaming is unacceptable in any context,” Kalenova said during the meeting.

Prime Minister Löfven stated: “Antisemitism is a poison in our society. It is a priority to fight it. We will not stop at reinforcing security; we must also denounce those who seek to justify violence under any pretense”.

“The latest demonstrations around the world against the US declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital have unmasked the lie that antisemitism and anti-Zionism are two separate manifestations,” said Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC, after the recent attacks. “The fact that at many of these so-called political rallies, the demonstrators chanted ‘death to the Jews’ and the genocidal ‘Khaybar’ song, shows that these people are against Israel because of the Jews and not against Jews because of Israel as too many suggest”.

The EJC leadership, including Yohan Benizri, President of the Belgian Federation of Jewish Organizations (CCOJB), called on the Prime Minister to specifically address the pressing need for additional police resources, and to increase focus on democratic values in education for all sectors of the population, including migrant and refugee communities.