The European Jewish Congress wholeheartedly joins with our affiliate the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the British Jewish community in saying enough is enough.

It has been abundantly clear for too long that the Labour leadership under Jeremy Corbyn has at best a massive blind spot when it comes to antisemitism, and at worst openly encourages hatred and double-standards against Jews. Enough apologies, enough insipid justifications, enough excuses.

For too long antisemitism has been allowed to eat away at the values for which the Labour Party has historically stood for. Jeremy Corbyn has systematically failed to take a strong enough line on antisemitism, aligning himself with people and groups that hold openly antisemitic views and seek to spread their offensive messages throughout our society.

When Jeremy Corbyn consistently refuses to acknowledge his party’s antisemitism problem, it becomes clear that antisemitism is not confined to the periphery of the party, but has poisoned its very core.

If one group is singled out, there is no real equality. The time has come for decisive action to root out this poison and, in doing so, send a powerful message that antisemitism has no place in our society and that the Labour party can still be a party of choice for Britain’s Jewish community.”