EJC President says the rise in antisemitic attacks in the U.S. shows it is now a global pandemic

(Sunday, December 29, 2019) – European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor said after the stabbing spree at a Rabbi’s home in Monsey, New York, that the wave of antisemitic attacks in the U.S. are eerily familiar.

“The recent spate of attacks on Jews in the U.S. in general, and New York in particular, show that antisemitism is now a global pandemic ,” Dr. Kantor said. “Unfortunately, we are witnessing how identifiable Jews and Jewish institutions are open targets for antisemites from all backgrounds and ideologies.”

“We have learned the hard way in Europe that extremism, whether Left or Right, is connected in its disdain for Jews and one continually feeds off the other. We call on all leaders of the world to take the fight against antisemitism more seriously and clamp down on those who spread hate because eventually it becomes a problem for society as a whole.”


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