The EJC has responded critically to the recent Vatican synod on the Middle East’s final communiqué.

The synod was supposed to address the situation of Christians in the Middle East, but was appropriated to attack Israel and the Jewish People for political purposes.

Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC, called for more balance in the communiqué. “As with many reports concerning the Middle East, a disproportionate amount of time is spent criticizing Israel rather than getting to the real issues of human rights and freedom of religion in the region” Kantor said.

“This is part of the ongoing asymmetrical attack on Israel, where the only democracy in the Middle East is attacked and many of the serial human rights abusing nations are left unfettered from criticism.”

Kantor condemned the comments made by Archbishop Cyril Bustros at a press conference in the Vatican after the release of the communiqué. “It is unbelievable that 45 years after Vatican II, Archbishops are still touting ideas that the Holy See found objectionable,” Kantor continued. “This is unacceptable and these comments should be roundly condemned by the Pope and the Vatican as non-representative of the Catholic Church’s position on the Jewish people.”

“We call on the leaders of all religions to build bridges of respect, reconciliation and tolerance and not to engage in divisive political diatribes.”