EJC applauds Romanian bill making the study of Jewish history and the Holocaust mandatory

(Brussels, November 18 2021) The European Jewish Congress (EJC) has welcomed the adoption of a bill in the Romanian Parliament making the study of Jewish history and the Holocaust a mandatory subject in the curricula of high-schools in the country.

“We applaud this important piece of legislation, which raises much needed awareness about one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe before the war and teaches about its integral role and invaluable contributions to Romanian society, both in the past and in the present”, said EJC President Dr Moshe Kantor.

“I thank all the legislators involved in the passing of this exemplary initiative,” Dr Kantor added, “Romania continues to be at the forefront of European efforts to promote the memory of the Holocaust and increase the understanding of Jewish life and culture, in particular among young people.”

The bill was introduced by the representatives of the German and Jewish minorities in the Romanian Parliament, Ovidiu Ganț MP and Silviu Vexler MP, and co-sponsored by the leaders of the main political parties and parliamentary groups in Romania – MP Marcel Ciolacu (PSD), Senator Sorin Cîmpeanu (PNL), Senator Anca Dragu (USR), MP Hunor Kelemen (UDMR) and MP Varujan Pambuccian (National Minorities Parliamentary Group).

The curricula, textbooks, teaching materials and specific methodologies for the “History of the Holocaust and the Jewish people” subject set out in the bill will be developed by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the “Elie Wiesel” National Institute for Studying the Holocaust in Romania.


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