EJC Affirms Its Support To Prime Minister Sharon During Paris Meeting

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) affirmed its support to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Gaza disengagement plan, at a meeting in Paris on July 28th during his decisive official visit to France.
The Israeli Prime Minister was in France starting on the 26th of July for four days of highly successful meetings with French government leaders to cement and improve European-Israeli relations. [To read more about the Prime Minister’s visit, see below]
Led by its President Pierre Besnainou, the EJC delegation – composed of the major leaders of European Jewish communities – spoke at length with the Prime Minister, who reaffirmed his determination to carry out with Gaza disengagement within the framework of a general plan for conflict resolution in the Middle East. The Prime Minister however insisted that in order to proceed with the roadmap, the Palestinians themselves must disband and disarm all Palestinian terrorist organizations.
In the course of their discussion the leaders of the EJC congratulated the Prime Minister for his courageous policy decisions and for his vision of a lasting peace in the Middle East.
In a press released issued after the conference, the EJC declared that it “is very pleased about this move towards an improvement in Franco-Israeli relations – at the initiative of French president Jacques Chirac – and feels that in the long term, this positive evolution in bilateral Franco-Israeli relations could re-balance European policy towards Israel and the Middle East. It could also grant Europe the possibility of playing a full and complete role within the peace process in the Middle East.”
While Israel’s security and aliyah were two major points of the Prime Minister’s agenda, President Besnainou recalled, “European Jews can live outside of Israel, but not without Israel.”


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