EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor has welcomed the landmark agreement for the eradication of antisemitism conducted between the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FCJE), the country’s EJC affiliate, and the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport on February 22, 2018.

“Antisemitism is a learned prejudice. People and societies are not born with it. So it is vital that governments actively engage in educating towards eradicating it as a societal ill. Moreover, in order to understand antisemitism, this work has to be done in cooperation with the Jewish communities who know it and experience it directly” said Dr. Moshe Kantor.

“We welcome this very positive initiative of the Spanish government to work with the Jewish community and with educators and we urge other European governments to see this as a positive prototype to implement in their own countries.”

The agreement will allow for better training of teachers in Spain across all levels to combat antisemitism and other forms of intolerance in the classroom, as well as promoting Shoah education and the artistic and cultural heritage of Jews in Spain, the importance of the Land of Israel for the Jewish people and a better understanding of the conflict in the Middle East.

This is a unique initiative, which is the result of a longstanding commitment by the Spanish government towards combatting antisemitism, and clearly signalises that antisemitism is not only a problem which concerns Jews, but society as a whole.

“We are delighted to have opened a new channel of cooperation between the Ministry and the FCJE” said State Secretary for education, vocational training and universities Marcíal Marín Hellín, “we are devoted to fostering European values, the Spanish constitution and the urgent need of eradicating antisemitism”.

For his part, FCJE President Isaac Querub declared that education is the main tool in the fight against antisemitism and in the protection of minorities: “Spain is leading the way in Europe and showcasing itself as a truly free and ethical country” said Querub, “According to the Talmud, teachers are the builders of peace”.