Amnesty report is part of a coordinated diplomatic lynching against Israel, says EJC President Kantor

(Monday, January 31, 2022) – The European Jewish Congress (EJC) has attacked a new Amnesty International UK report which accuses the State of Israel of being an “apartheid state” as unprofessional, inaccurate and malicious.

The report, titled: “Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians: Cruel system of domination and crime against humanity”, was to be released for publication on Tuesday, 1st February.

“There is nothing new in Amnesty’s sudden discovery of the word ‘apartheid’, in relation to Israel,” EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor said. “They are in lock step with anti-Israel and antisemitic activists in a coordinated diplomatic lynching against the Jewish State, and the mere concept of Jewish self-determination and collectivity.”

“It is clear from the tone and language used that they are seeking the end of Israel, and are using all of their supposed good name and diplomatic capital to launch a full-frontal attack against the Jewish State. That they use the terminology of ‘apartheid’ while Israel’s Arab citizens sit in the Knesset, are ministers in Israel’s current government and sit as judges on the country’s Supreme Court, shows just how disingenuous and twisted this imagery is. These are extremist political activists disguised as human-rights advocates, and their obsessive focus on Israel should dispel any notion of objectivity, neutrality or accuracy.”

“This report will become a weapon used against Jews around the world,” Dr. Kantor continued. “We have seen that every time that there are high-profile attacks against Israel with these types of scurrilous lies, people think Jews everywhere should be made responsible for it. As a result, Jewish students and members of the academia will be forced to express fealty to these distortions, and attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions will increase. None of the authors of the report will be able to ignore the direct line from their work with a rise in antisemitism.”

“We call on all other Amnesty International chapters to distance themselves from this libelous report so as to ensure it does not affect or damage the good work they are involved in.” Kantor concluded.


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