EJC Executive VP Raya Kalenova meets the Jewish Community of Lisbon

EJC VP Raya Kalenova visited Lisbon, where she was warmly welcomed by the local Jewish community and its president, David Joffe Botelho.

During her visit, Ms. Kalenova had the opportunity to witness firsthand the enthusiasm and dedication of the Jewish community in Lisbon towards fostering Jewish life and promoting Jewish education and cultural heritage. She was impressed by the community’s commitment to preserving and celebrating its rich history and traditions.

Ms. Kalenova also had the chance to engage in meaningful conversations with community leaders and members, discussing topics ranging from the fight against antisemitism to the challenges faced by the community.

Overall, Ms. Kalenova’s visit to Lisbon was a testament to the vibrant and thriving Jewish community of Lisbon, as well as to the power of community engagement and collaboration in promoting Jewish life and heritage.