EJC and its President Dr Moshe Kantor attended the World Jewish Congress (WJC) Executive Committee Meeting that took place in Prague on 4 – 5 June 2018.

Dr Moshe Kantor addressed the WJC Executive Committee in his capacity as President of the European Jewish Congress and Chairman of WJC Policy Council.

“We are witnessing a global process of radicalization of the political spectrum and the rise of a triangle of extreme ideologies: the far right, the far left and radical Islam,” said Dr Kantor. “The common perception is that these radical movements have entirely opposing views. This is true to some extent. However, radicals often converge on certain unified goals and against certain political targets. Unfortunately, and with no surprise, the common element that unifies radicals seems to be their hatred of Jews.”

During the Steering Committee meeting, Dr Moshe Kantor met with Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who expressed his support for the Jewish Community in the Czech Republic and his delight in seeing the community strong once again.