The European Jewish Congress (EJC), together with the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations (IJCIC) and the Holy See’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews organised a seminar titled “Youth and Religious Identity: Jews and Catholics in Conversation”, which took place between July 1-5 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Catholic-Jewish emerging leadership Conference brought together 20 young activists from all over the world. The seminar set out to build cross-communal bridges between Jews and Catholics, to address current challenges facing both communities and to identify new areas of cooperation.

EJC Public Affairs Officer Benjamin Fischer delivered the concluding remarks in Vilnius, thanking the participants for their commitment and welcoming them to join EJC’s mission: “While Europe is trying to define its fundamental values, both of our communities face a decrease in membership. As much as the EJC’s advocacy efforts focus on safeguarding our communities, we can never forget to reinforce them from within.”

“Every lesson learnt during this encounter can be equally useful and important for both, Jewish and for Catholic communities,” he added.

The group was also addressed by Adv. Faina Kuklianski, Chairwoman of the Jewish Community of Lithuania – the country’s EJC affiliate –  who thanked participants for visiting her home country and for their community engagement.

The seminar takes place on an annual basis and has brought together generations of community and interfaith activists.