The EJC held its Enlarged Executive Meeting in Helsinki where members of the Executive Committee were joined by their colleagues from Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

EJC President, Moshe Kantor gave on overview of the current challenges faced by European Jewish communities and presented the CEO of SACC by EJC who delivered a report on the new entity’s activities aiming at improving the security of Jewish communities in Europe.

The President of the Jewish Community of Helsinki, Mr. Yaron Nadbornik, expressed his pleasure in hosting the EJC delegation in Helsinki and great honor to stand alongside other Jewish leaders in order to discuss and take important decisions for the future of their communities. EJC Executive Vice-President Raya Kalenova presented EJC’s recent and future activities, followed by a short report on the situation in their communities by Mr. Abraham Lehrer, Vice-President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Mr. Dan Rosenberg Asmussen, President of the Jewish Community in Denmark and Mr. Yonathan Arfi, Vice-President of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France.

The meeting was followed by a lunch during which the Executive members had the pleasure to meet and exchange with several members of the Finnish Parliament.

Moshe Kantor together with Raya Kalenova and Yaron Nadbornik met with Mr. Timo Soini, the Finnish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Moshe Kantor praised the Finnish Government for its support to ensure the security of the Jewish community’s facilities but urged the Minister to make sure that such support be recurrent in light of the still high level of threat and antisemitism faced by Finnish Jews. Kantor also requested that the government preserves Jewish religious practices in Finland. The issue of the recent UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s resolutions on Jerusalem was also addressed at the meeting.