EJC attends inauguration of exhibition on antisemitism at the European Commission

EJC Executive Vice President and CEO Raya Kalenova and Director of European Affairs Ariella Woitchik took part in the inauguration of “#FakeImages – Unmask the dangers of stereotypes” exhibition at the European Commission.

On the occasion of the 84th anniversary of the November Pogrom (Kristallnacht), the Vice-President of the European Commission and European Commissioner for Promoting our European Way of Life Margaritis Schinas inaugurated the exhibition alongside the European Commission Coordinator on combating antisemitism Katharina Von Schnurbein.

“We are here to revisit the haunting images that fuel such hate and to retrace the painful path from propaganda to violence and then genocide. The Holocaust left an indelible stain on our European history. Our Union has its origins in the commitment of Europeans to prevent such atrocities from ever happening again” said Vice-President Schinas.

The exhibition is based on the collection of Arthur Langerman, a Belgian survivor of the Holocaust that has been collecting antisemitic drawings, posters and objects for over 50 years.

Langerman’s collection is an expression of the Nazi horrors of the extermination of European Jews, and forms the basis for the historical part of this exhibition.

#FakeImages presents antisemitic images from across the centuries, with a strong focus on propaganda before and during the Shoah.