European Jewish leaders meet President Herzog in solidarity mission to Israel

(Jerusalem, October 31, 2023) – A delegation of European Jewish leaders, headed by EJC President Ariel Muzicant, met today with Israeli President Isaac Herzog as part of a solidarity mission to the Jewish state.

The visit comes as Israel seeks to eradicate the terror threat from Hamas, which launched a barbaric attack on southern Israel on October 7, killing 1,400 people and kidnapping more than 200 men, women, and children to Gaza.

During the meeting, Dr Muzicant told the president about the outpouring of support and solidarity with Israel among European Jewish communities.

“Our commitment and support for the Jewish state are unflinching. Jewish communities around Europe are raising voices and funds in support of Israel. We share the pain of our brothers and sisters here facing the bombardment of Hamas rockets and the barbarity of this terror organization. Our voice of support and encouragement goes out to those defending the Jewish state on land, sea, and air and with the outpouring of solidarity and support among all Israeli citizens,” he said.

Muzicant also noted the importance of conveying the justice of Israel’s cause, the unprovoked attacks by Hamas, and the absolute right of Israel to defend itself.

“Our voice in the Diaspora is here for Israel, for the truth of its cause, and the justice of its fight,” Muzicant said. “We recognize, too, that as usual, whenever Israel is targeted, all Jews are placed at threat, and we demand that all our governments extend full security to Jewish communities and institutions as we face this unparalleled rise in antisemitic incidents across our communities,” he added.

In his words to the delegation, President Herzog said: “This is a fight not only against Hamas. It is a fight against antisemites all over the world, and we are here to strengthen our brothers and sisters of Jewish communities all over the world, to show solidarity with them because we are all in this together.”

“We support the Jewish communities. We call upon world leaders and each state’s leadership to make sure that Jews are protected and defended, and that the fight against antisemitism is covered in all layers of the legal and law enforcement systems so that Jews will not be hurt,” expressed President Herzog.

“Hamas, Al Qaeda, and ISIS are all together in wishing to ban us all from the face of the earth. It starts with Israel, it starts with the Jews. It will never end there. Europe will be next. And that is why we are fighting a battle on behalf of the entire world.”


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