European Jewish Congress calls on EU states to fully isolate Hamas terror state

(Brussels, October 8, 2023)  – The European Jewish Congress called on Sunday for the European Union and its member states to prevent all funds reaching Gaza as long as the territory is controlled by the Hamas terror entity.

The call comes after the barbaric invasion of Israeli territory on Saturday, the massed rocket attacks on Israeli cities and towns, the murder of hundreds of civilians and the forced kidnapping of Israelis, including children, to Gaza.

“Gaza is a terror state that has declared and implemented brutal and total war against a democracy. We must not continue to treat it with kid gloves,” EJC President Ariel Muzicant said.

“Hamas commits its full resources to its principal objective, which is the destruction of the Jewish State and the killing of Jews. If there was any shred of doubt about that fact, it has clearly been removed after the barbaric events of yesterday,” Muzicant added.

On Saturday, the culmination of the Jewish Sukkot festival, towns, villages and kibbutzim across southern Israel were invaded and terrorised by Hamas terrorists from Gaza. Israeli citizens were summarily and brutally executed as the terrorists went from house to house. Over 300 Israelis are already recorded as murdered with hundreds more injured, many seriously. The attack was supported by sustained Hamas firing of thousands of rockets across Israel.

“There is no one terrorist Hamas and one humanitarian Hamas, one political and one military. There is a single terror organisation ruling a whole territory, Gaza, a de facto state dedicated to the eradication of the Jewish State,” Muzicant said. “If the protection of Jews means anything at all to the international community, it must start with the uncompromising protection of Israel.”

“The world’s democracies cannot continue to pour in resources into a country making brutal war against its neighbour. And that means all resources. That is the way we react with all countries making war on their neighbours, in Europe and elsewhere. No funds, no aid. Because we understand that resources given for so called humanitarian aid in time of war to countries pursuing that war only aid the war effort and divert resources to more killing,” he said.


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