European Jewish Congress appalled by ICRC’s silence on Israeli hostages held by Hamas

(Brussels, 20 November 2023) – On International Children’s Day, the European Jewish Congress (EJC) is appalled by the inaction of the world’s so called principal organization concerned with the rights of those captured or kidnaped in conflict.
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is duty bound to engage with those responsible for the brutal kidnapping of Israeli civilians, including many women, children and babies from their homes on October the 7th and demand access to the hostages. The world should know if such access is denied and NGOs must challenge this refusal in the most vocal way.

“It is an absolute outrage that not only the Red Cross but also other international humanitarian organizations, do not express any concern for the welfare of women and children and have remained largely silent on the atrocities committed by the Hamas death squads against Jews and Israelis on October 7th,” Dr Ariel Muzicant, the President of the EJC, said. “They were silent for years about Hamas war crimes in Gaza, appropriating medical facilities under their nose, for military purposes, and these NGOs only seem to find their voice to attack the Jewish State for its justified and internationally legal right to self-defence. Their inaction could be seen as tainted by clear anti-Israel bias.”
For too long, the ICRC has shown a seeming disdain for Jewish suffering and not treated it equally with other populations, in word or deed. Furthermore, families of hostages do not even know if their loved ones are still alive and healthy.
Even as Israel was burying its dead after the Hamas atrocities, the ICRC took little time to publicly advocate for Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails yet has not shown the same vehemence and determination on behalf of Israelis and others violently and viciously abducted from their homes.

“We call on every humanitarian organization to stop making excuses and see to the needs of the kidnapped, and demand their release. They all had excellent access to the Hamas regime in Gaza for 16 years but now appear to have lost their contact details when Jews are involved.” Muzicant added.


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