EJC calls on European leaders to demand from Hamas unconditional surrender and release of all hostages

(Brussels, November 28, 2023) – The European Jewish Congress calls on European leaders to stop Hamas’ reign of terror in the Gaza Strip and demand the unconditional and immediate release of all hostages if they want to protect and safeguard Palestinian civilians.

On Saturday, October 7th, we bore witness to scenes of absolute horror as Hamas terrorists killed, injured, raped and tortured men, women and children. They burnt whole families alive. They mutilated the bodies of the dead victims, filmed their abhorrent acts and sent it to the families using social media. They destroyed entire villages and took 240 hostages to the Gaza strip, from a nine months old baby to an 85 years old, sick Holocaust survivor, with many of them being European citizens.

At the same time, Hamas launched 15,000 rockets and missiles against Israeli civilians, terrorizing all of the State of Israel. Casualties have been reduced by Israel’s extraordinary defense capabilities, but thousands have been displaced and live in constant fear that they will have to run to a shelter. These acts of terror have been ongoing since Hamas came to power in 2006. No state can tolerate that its citizens live under constant terror.

EJC President Dr Ariel Muzicant said, “To secure its population from the threat of Hamas, Israel has decided to rid Gaza of this monstrous terrorist organization to ensure that such acts of terror won’t happen again. Hamas is using innocent Palestinian civilians as human shields, showing the value they give to human life. This is their strategy to harm Israel in the media, inflating the number of casualties and counting the terrorists as victims.”

“The policy chosen by some European countries such as Ireland and Norway is not only harming the sole democratic state in the Middle East, but is also harming the Palestinian people. Whoever wants to protect Palestinian civilians should call on Hamas to free all hostages immediately and to surrender unconditionally! The war will end immediately as well as the sufferings of civilians in Gaza and in Israel.”


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