UN confirms Hezbollah tunnels crossed border and violated Security Council resolution

The UN peacekeeping forces on the Israel-Lebanon border, announced that two of the four previously discovered Hezbollah tunnels violate UN Security Council resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

EU court rejects Hamas appeal over terror listing

The General Court of the EU court threw out an appeal by the Palestinian organisation Hamas against its listing by the bloc as a terrorist group.

Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Australia will recognise West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but will not immediately move its embassy from Tel Aviv.

UN Security Council to convene on Hezbollah tunnels

The UN Security Council is expected to convene to discuss Hezbollah's tunneling operations, according to an Israeli official.

Egypt to renovate its Jewish heritage sites

The Egyptian government will allocate $71 million to renovate Jewish heritage sites and synagogues in Egypt.

African countries that voted against condemning Hamas attend agricultural seminar in Israel

Representatives from Nigeria and Zambia, countries which voted against an anti-Hamas resolution at the UN, arrived in Israel for a four-day seminar on improving agricultural production. 

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EJC calls for stricter measures and punishment against antisemitism at football matches after Bruges supporters brag about “burning Jews”

EJC calls on football authorities to enact stricter measures and harsher punishments against football fans who engage in antisemitic abuse after supporters of the Belgian team Club Brugge were recorded singing: “My father was part of a commando, my mother was in the SS, together they burned Jews because Jews burn the best.”