EU condemns Gaza rocket fire into Israel

The European Union has strongly condemned rocket attacks from Gaza towards Israel.

“Anne Frank of Budapest” – Newly discovered diary chronicles Jewish girl’s life in Nazi-occupied Hungary

Miriam Ornstein tried to comprehend the news she has just been told: a diary written in Nazi-occupied Budapest by her late aunt, Judit Ornstein, had been located in an Israel archive.

Four Israelis dead, 700 rockets and a weekend of terror in Israel

The IDF has reinforced troops along the Gaza border after close to 700 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, killing four civilians and injuring close to 80 others.

Hungary hits out after EU “ignores its veto” on statement criticising Israel

The EU has been accused of ignoring a last-minute veto from Hungary on a recent statement criticising Israel's conduct toward Palestinians at a UN security council meeting.

New York Times cartoonist blames “Jewish propaganda machine” for antisemitic outrage

António Moreira Antunes, the cartoonist whose antisemitic cartoon was published in the New York Times international edition has blamed the "Jewish propaganda machine" for the subsequent backlash.

ADL: Violence against Jews in US doubled last year

Violent attacks against US Jews doubled in 2018, according to the Anti-Defamation League’s yearly audit of antisemitic incidents.

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