Malaysia denies entry for Israeli swimmers to World Paralympics Championships

Malaysia will not allow Israel's Paralympics swimming team to enter the country to participate in the World Paralympics Swimming Championships in July.

Study: More than 25 per cent of all Jews killed in the Holocaust were killed in just 100 days

Over the course of 21 months starting in March 1942, Nazi forces and their collaborators rounded up 1.7 million Jews from 393 Polish towns and ghettos and dispatched them in tightly packed rail cars to three camps in German-occupied Poland — Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec.

Amos Oz, Israeli literary giant, dies aged 79

Amos Oz, a giant of Israeli letters for his works that explore human nature and the Israeli experience, died on Friday, December 28, 2018.

Jews targeted in New York hate crimes in 2018 more than all other groups combined

New York saw more hate crimes against Jews in 2018 than all other targeted groups combined, according to police figures.

Simcha Rotem, last surviving Warsaw Ghetto fighter, dies aged 94

Simcha (Kazik) Rotem, one of the outstanding and last surviving fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, died at 94.

EU anti-terror coordinator: Some EU members want to ban all branches of Hezbollah

The European Union’s counterterrorism coordinator, Giles de Kerchove some European countries sought to classify the entire Lebanese Shi’ite organisation as a foreign terrorist entity.

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EJC calls for stricter measures and punishment against antisemitism at football matches after Bruges supporters brag about “burning Jews”

EJC calls on football authorities to enact stricter measures and harsher punishments against football fans who engage in antisemitic abuse after supporters of the Belgian team Club Brugge were recorded singing: “My father was part of a commando, my mother was in the SS, together they burned Jews because Jews burn the best.”