BDS-backed Twitter bot network targeting Eurovision in Israel

Israel said it had uncovered a network of bots and fake Twitter accounts urging a boycott of the upcoming Israeli-hosted Eurovision song contest.

German foreign minister condemns UN treatment of Israel

Marking the 70th anniversary of Israel's admission to the United Nations, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas issued a statement via Twitter in support of the state founded in 1948.

Iranian judo agrees to end decades-long boycott of Israeli athletes

In an historic move, Iranian judo officials have agreed to stop boycotting Israeli athletes on the mat, ending a practice that had drawn criticism against Tehran in the sporting world.

Thousands call on Africa’s largest university not to boycott Israel

Alumni, parents and students of Africa’s top university, the University of Cape Town (UCT), have banded together in a bid to halt any attempt of an academic boycott of Israel.

EU threatening sanctions as Iran reportedly reneges on nuclear deal

The EU would be forced to re-impose sanctions on Iran if Tehran reneges on parts of the nuclear deal, a French presidency source said.

European leaders strongly condemn Gaza rocket fire on Israel

Several governments in Europe strongly condemned the rocket fire from Gaza at Israel, with some also urging Jerusalem to react with “restraint” and “proportionality.”

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