Slovakia adopts IHRA working definition of antisemitism

The National Council of the Slovak Republic passed a resolution adopting the IHRA working definition of antisemitism.

Slovak far-right leader charged with promoting extremism

Slovak prosecutors have charged the leader of a far-right party that holds seats in parliament with promoting extremism after he handed out checks for a sum allegedly known as a neo-Nazi symbol.

Slovakia says cultural mission to open in Jerusalem

A Slovakian delegation to Israel announced that the country will open a cultural centre in Jerusalem.

Far-right regional governor in Slovakia loses election

Marian Koteba, the far-right,  governor of the Slovakian region of Banska Bystrica, was defeated in regional elections held across the country on Sunday.

Slovakia prosecutor-general wants to ban far-right party

Slovakia’s prosecutor general has asked the country’s supreme court to ban a parliamentary far-right party. The spokeswoman for Jaromir Ciznar says the party Kotleba, or The People’s Party Our Slovakia,...

Two far-right Slovak MPs charged for racist incitement

Two Slovak MPs from the far-right Our Slovakia party were charged on Saturday with racist incitement for comments made against Jews, Muslims, Roma and immigrants. Stanislav Mizik was charged after...

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