Belgrade Jews accuse opposition leader of embracing Nazi ally fans

Belgrade's Jewish community denounced comments from a Serbian opposition leader that appeared to embrace supporters of a Nazi collaborator.

Israeli president thanks Serbia for Holocaust restitution law

Serbia passed a law that allows for the restitution of heirless and unclaimed Jewish property seized during the Holocaust to the Jewish community.

Romanian and Serbian Holocaust survivors receive restitution payments

Romanian and Serbian Holocaust survivors have received payments totaling 2.5 million Euro as a result of efforts to obtain restitution of Jewish communal property.

Serbian ruling party says setting up office at concentration camp “not wrong”

A local branch of the Serbian Progressive Party rejected criticism of a decision to open an office at the site of former Nazi-run concentration camp Staro Sajmiste in Belgrade.

Youths smash dozens of headstones in Serbian Jewish cemetery

Two Serbian youths have been arrested on suspicion that they toppled or smashed 47 headstones at the Jewish cemetery in the northern city of PanĨevo.

Benefit programme for Holocaust survivors launched in Serbia

A programme to provide direct funds to Serbian Holocaust survivors all over the world has been launched in Serbia. The programme results from a law passed last year in Serbia...

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