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Putin advisor claims Ukraine to move Jews into “cleansed area”

Israel criticised an article authored by an adviser to Vladimir Putin, which claimed that Ukraine’s president may want to move Israeli Jews into parts of his country

Jewish organisations condemn attack on Moscow yeshiva

Jewish organizations condemned arson attack on Moscow's biggest Yeshiva, Torat Chaim.

Bomb targets Russian Jewish community leader

An explosive envelope sent to the president of the Jewish community of Tatarstan, Mikhail Abramovich Skoblionok, went off, wounding the president and his aide, who were evacuated to a local hospital.

Russia to expel Siberian rabbi

An Israeli-born rabbi serving as the chief rabbi for the Jewish community in Siberia is facing deportation, after apparently being accused of espionage.

“Soviet Sinatra” who promoted Jewish culture and ties with Israel dies at 80

Popular Russian singer and lawmaker Iosif Kobzon — whose promotion of Jewish culture in the Soviet Union aided the establishment of its ties with Israel in 1991 — died aged 80.

Suspect identified in antisemitic graffiti attack on Jewish centre in Russia

Russian authorities identified a suspect in the antisemitic graffiti attack on a Jewish centre in the Russian village of Lyubavichi, the cradle of the Chabad Hasidic movement.

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