Norwegian prosecutors say rapper who used antisemitic insult was “criticising Israel”

A Norwegian rapper who cursed Jews at an event promoting multiculturalism will not be charged with hate speech because his words may have been "criticism of Israel."

Norwegian newspaper apologises for using phrase “Jewish Question”

Norway’s largest print newspaper apologised for running an article about Israel and antisemitism that used the phrase “the Jewish question” in the headline.

Hate speech case dismissed against Norwegian rapper who cursed Jews

A hate speech case against Norwegian rapper Kaveh Kholardi, who last summer in a concert in Oslo cursed the "f*cking Jews," has been dismissed by Oslo Police and the state attorney.

Norwegian hospitals refuse to assist in circumcisions

At least two hospitals in Norway are breaking Norwegian law by refusing to help parents who wish to have their sons circumcised.

Norwegian rapper curses Jews at concert celebrating diversity

A Norwegian rapper hired by the city of Oslo to sing at an event intended to celebrate diversity cursed the Jews during his performance.

Joint statement by the Nordic Jewish Communities concerning the proposed anti-circumcision legislation in Iceland

The Jewish Communities in the Nordic countries strongly protest the proposed legislation banning Brit Milah, the Jewish tradition of neonatal circumcision of boys in Iceland.

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