Morocco to introduce Holocaust studies into country’s education system

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has ordered to ‎incorporate Holocaust studies into the country’s ‎‎education system.

Aharon Monsonego, chief rabbi of Morocco, passes away aged 90

The chief rabbi of Morocco Aharon Monsonego, has passed away in Jerusalem following an extended illness.

Moroccan party drops bill to revoke citizenship from emigrants to Israeli settlements

A Moroccan political party recently withdrew legislation that sought to strip citizens who moved to Jerusalem or Israeli settlements of their Moroccan citizenship.

Moroccan Jews call on king to block attempts to withdraw citizenship

Moroccan Jews oppose a "reckless" bill stipulating the withdrawal of citizenship from Moroccan Jews living in settlements.

Morocco receives 43,000 documents from France about Moroccan Jews

Morocco retrieved more than 43,000 archival documents from France regarding Moroccan Jews.

Moroccan Jews celebrate festival in Essaouira

Hundreds of Moroccan Jews from around the world gathered in the coastal city of Essaouira to celebrate the annual four-day event of Hiloula from September 14 to 17. Some Moroccan Jews meets...

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